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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Seven important Tips to Control Un-necessary Shopping

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Now a day in the times of economic crisis spending money on unnecessary things is a very unwise thing to do. With the recent belt tightening measures of governments all over the world shopping for non-essential things is a very bad way to go.
Recent studies have show that almost 20 percent of the working people are in some kind of financial debt. The situation is very serious in the United States where 6 percent of the shoppers have over 25 000 $ debt because of unnecessary shopping. In these cases you can speak of shopping as one kind of addiction.
There are various ways to control your shopping habits. The most useful tips for controlling unnecessary shopping are the following:

1. Admitting the truth – no one can help us to control your shopping habits if you deny that you have a problem with too much shopping. The first step is to admit that you have a problem and you sometimes buy things that you do not need and are not necessary for the improvement of the quality of your lives.

2. Examine your feelings – when you admit that you have a problem, the next tip is to isolate the feelings that make us shop more and spend the money you do not own. You can ask the people from your surrounding if you are unable to pinpoint the exact events, which lead us to excessive shopping.

3. Identify the triggers – the identification of triggering events is also a very important thing. If you identify the exact trigger you can do everything you can to avoid it from happening. The safest way is to limit the number of credit cards you own and try to rely only on your cash money.

4. Divert your free time – a number of people visit shopping malls and various super stores just because they have nothing else to do. These visits to malls and stores usually end up with unwanted shopping results. You need to find some additional activities that cost no money and they will help you to spend your free time. The ideal things are various sports, additional part time work or other home based activities where you will earn additional money.

5. Support Groups – believe or not, many people tend to spend more money than they own and they get deep into debt. This is all because of excessive shopping and if you admit that you have a problem with shopping then you can join a support group where you can discuss your problem with like-minded people.

6. Help of a professional – if you have a very serious problem that you can not solve it by yourselves or with the help of a support group then you have to seek professional help of an expert.

7. Financial Consultants – if you get rid of your shopping problems then you can try to seek professional financial help. There are agencies that are specialized to help and offer free credit counseling and various nonprofit debt management programs.
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